Metal rejas, welding, galvanizing, powdercoating, painting, etc...

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Design it yourself

Do you wish to make your own special looking design of a door or window grill, gate, security bars, plantpot holder, plantpot hanger,etc...-Then look no further, bring or email us your design and we will give you a free quotation on it.

(Designs must have exact measurements on it)

Can you make...?

Want to find out if i can make something else besides the items mentioned on the website like for example:

  • Metal Coatstands
  • Metal Carports
  • Metal Dog cages
  • Metal Benches
  • Metal Chairs
  • Metal Drain covers

Just use your imagination, if you need a piece of metal in any shape or size with holes of a certain dimension to hang up something or make something stay in place, then please use our form below to give you a free quotation.

Step 1: Draw your idea. What do you want?

Sketch or draw your idea, go over it a few times and make sure the design is just the way you would like it to look, there is no such thing as to much detail! - If you arent sure of 2 concepts, send us both and we will evaluate them for you!

Step 2: Sizes are important

Please be aware that measurements must be exact or the closest to it, if you have any doubts or would like us to measure up your sketch to make sure the sizes are spot on, just give us a call and we will be round to measure up in no time!

Send it to us, we will give you a free quotation.