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What is powder coating?

The process of powder coating is done by first cleaning the part, a special electrostatic spray gun, is used to apply a thin layer of plastic powder onto the surface of the part to be coated. The powder is held onto the part by static electricity. Kind of like dust on a TV. Once coated, the part is oven baked at approximately 200ºC. The curing oven melts the dry powder to a "gel state" and then further curing causes this gel to harden into a very tough "plastic" coating.

Why use powder coating?

For about the same cost as professionally applied paint, powder coating offers a superior finish combined with an excellent durability that will extend the life of the part. It is particularly beneficial for parts exposed to harsher conditions such as moisture and chemicals. Powder coating does not fade and is very chip and crack resistant, flexible, and can be applied to all metals.

How much will it cost to powder coat?

Again, the price really depends on the amount to be powder coated, what is the size? is it shaped in weird ways? Or has it got simple square or round bars? -All these questions need to be answered before i can give you a free quote on the job.

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