Metal rejas, welding, galvanizing, powdercoating, painting, etc...

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Metal Designs


Metal doors of all kinds: single metal doors, double metal doors or triple metal doors. You can choose which ornaments to fill in and customize your metal reja door to your liking, plated or non plated, high or short, rounded or square. Below are some of our most asked design types.

Single doors

Double doors

Triple doors

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Large, small, rolling or custom, we can build you any type of Metal gate. Never open you gate manually again by getting a remote controlled motor installed.

Single Gate

Double gates

Rolling gate

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Metal window rejas to secure your home fully, from normal plain window rejas all the way up to custom designed and decorated window rejas, usually a house that has rejas on every door and window would have at least 1 fire-escape window reja.

Single window

Fire-escape window

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Hand railings, fence railings or any type of Metal railing for that matter, we do custom railings for every job!

Stair railings

Fence railings

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Staircases that go up, left, right or twist, we can make any type of metal staircase for any type of home or wall, if what you require is not found here, do not hesistate to contact us to find what staircase is best suited for you!

Straight stairs

Cornered stairs

Spiral stairs

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Miscellaneous items of all kinds

Dog homes


Drain covers




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If you do not want your car to suffer the devastation of the weather. We can do any type of Carports you need. Do not hesitate and contact us.


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